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International Baccalaureate Presentation

International Baccalaureate at North Eugene High School

Please consider the following information as you complete
your schedule for the 2023-2024 school year.

While all students at North Eugene will take IB Literature and History courses in their junior and senior years, some students choose to pay fees and register to take IB tests, either for the full IB diploma or for IB certificates in individual subject areas.

What are the advantages of pursuing the full IB diploma?

  • Opportunity to have an academic challenge
  • Chance to be measured on an international standard
  • Ability to compete for admission to colleges and universities
  • Education that will enable you to transition easily into university-level work.
  • Possibility of earning college credit  (Imagine starting college with sophomore standing!)

Who should pursue the IB diploma?

  • Students who seek an academic challenge
  • Students with good time management skills

Can a student take only a few IB exams?

  • Yes!  Students who feel strong in only certain areas may take certificate tests
  • IB certificate testing is done only during the senior year
  • Students can earn college credit in subjects where they test

What courses are available to me as an IB student?

  • Group 1       IB Literature                                                        
  • Group 2       IB Japanese or IB Spanish
  • Group 3       IB History of the Americas
  • Group 4       IB Biology
  • Group 5       IB Math
  • Group 6       IB Film Studies or IB ESS

What are my choices for IB?

  • Take IB classes only with the designation on the transcript—no testing
  • Take IB classes and certificate tests in one or more subject areas
  • Complete the full IB diploma—six subject area tests, IB Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay, Creativity, Action and Service (CAS)

 What are the scheduling implications?

To be eligible for the IB Diploma, students must:

You can certificate test in any subject area without completing the requirements for the IB full diploma.

Complete the following requirements in junior year

  • Take and pass IB Literature of the Americas (1st year)
  • Take and pass IB History of the Americas (1st year)
  • Take and pass an IB elective course (junior or senior year)—Film Studies or ESS
  • Begin IB Theory of Knowledge (3rd trimester)
  • Begin study of an IB science—Bio (3rd trimester)
  • Be on track to complete a 5th year of Spanish or Japanese junior or senior year
  • Be on track to complete IB Math (Pre-Calculus) by junior or senior year
  • Begin IB Extended Essay
  • Begin Creativity, Action and Service hours

Complete the following requirements in senior year

  • Take and pass IB Language and Literature (2nd year)
  • Take and pass IB 20th Century History (2nd year)
  • Finish IB Theory of Knowledge (1st trimester)
  • Finish IB Bio (1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester)
  • Finish (or have finished) IB Spanish or IB Japanese
  • Finish (or have finished) IB Math
  • Complete IB Extended Essay
  • Complete Creativity, Action and Service hours

Whom should I contact for more information?

Kendall Lawless
IB Diploma Programme Coordinator
(541) 790-4511

For more information about the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), check out their website.