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NEHS Choir          NEHS Band

Katie Coleman, choir director     

Zach Farnell, band director    

A Word From Our Directors…..

NEHS Band photo

The North Eugene High School music program seeks to provide a high quality music education for all students.  We are committed to offering music to any student who is interested and willing to share their schedule with one of our classes.  Students are welcome to take part in music course offerings that feature a wide range of skill levels.  For instance, students with prior band or choir experience may participate in Concert Choir, Concert Band, Varsity Choir, Wind Ensemble, Hi-Tones, or Jazz Ensemble.  Students with more limited experience may enjoy Concert Band, Beginning Band Lunch Club, Concert Choir, or Guitar class.  Advanced music students wishing to complete a full IB diploma have the option of enrolling in our newly offered IB Music Theory course.   Please see below for a more detailed description of each of our course offerings.  Also, please visit our quick links above for more specific information regarding Band and Choir.


NEHS Choir photo