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Associated Student Body (ASB)


Fun Integrity Representation Equity Determination – Unity Pride 


ASB is the elected group of students who put on assemblies and activities like Homecoming, Spirit Week, and Project Give. This student leadership group meets weekly to plan events with the goal of making school activities fun for the entire student body. These students work directly with the campus principal to address student issues and provide a strong student voice for the school administrative team. If a club or group at North is interested in being in an assembly, ASB would be the group to contact.

Mission Statement: 

We the ASB Team of North Eugene High School exist to promote a unified, lively environment within our school and community through engaging school-wide activities, organized region-wide events, and the overall enforcement of a positive learning environment.

We dedicate ourselves to effectively representing the NEHS student body, providing a strong student voice for the administration, and ultimately creating a great experience at NEHS for each and every student.

“We are Fired Up”