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College and Career Center

Catherine Moran
School-to-Careers Coordinator
(541) 790-4518

Room 106

College & Career Center Services

Our college and career center staff strive to provide a comprehensive program of services and activities to all students during high school. Our goal is that our students be prepared for post-secondary education or career opportunities. Through creating a college-going culture at North Eugene, we strive to provide all students with the information and experiences they need to understand the opportunities available to them, acknowledging that this a lifelong process.

Some of the activities include:

  • 4-year planning
  • Assistance with career-related graduation requirements
  • Grade-level guidance curriculum
  • College advising and planning
  • Informational parent/guardian meetings
  • College entrance and AP testing
  • Financial aid and scholarship advising
  • College visits

4-Year Plan

Each student is unique, with a different story and path to pursue. We are here to assist all our students in reaching their goals. Organization, planning, and teamwork on the part of the student, the family, and the staff at school are important for success.

Freshman Calendar

  1. Take a peek at the advanced level courses you’d like to take and make sure you are meeting the prerequisites.
  2. Take time to understand the difference between high school graduation requirements and college entrance requirements.
  3. Pay attention during special guidance curriculum presented in Social Studies and English classes. They will be providing important information about transcripts,
  4. required classes, career center info, and 4-year plans.
  5. Take ACT Explore in October for skill and career information.
  6. Parents of students who are credit deficient are notified after final grades at the end of the freshman year.

Sophomore Calendar

  1. 10th Grade essential-skills testing happens at various times during the year. For example, if you are taking math in the 1st semester, that’s when you can expect the exams to be given.
  2. Take the PSAT in October.
  3. Participate in career guidance unit presented in English and Social Science classes.
  4. Update and use your 4-year plan to develop your junior year program during spring forecasting activities.
  5. Earn college credit now! Be sure to check out courses you can take in your junior year that also count towards OIT and LCC credit.
  6. Work on earning community service hours.
  7. Parents of students who are credit deficient are notified after final grades at the end of the sophomore year.

Junior Calendar

Fall Checklist

  1. Take the Preliminary Aptitude Scholastic Test (PSAT) in October for skill assessment and college planning.
  2. Start reviewing college catalogs available in the guidance office. Send for information.
  3. College representatives come to North. College Fair at LCC is held in October. Attend the OUS visit in October.

Winter Checklist

  1. Attend the “After North” evening meeting for juniors and parents. We review: options for all students after high school; PSAT scores; the college selection and application process; and all aspects of financing higher education
  2. Set up a Junior Interview with your counselor.

Spring Checklist

  1. Utilize your 4-year plan to plan courses for the senior year during spring forecasting.
  2. Be sure to check out courses you can take that also count towards OIT and LCC credit.
  3. Any students who plan to graduate on an Individualized Graduation Plan must turn in their completed plan by the end of term 4.
  4. Take the SAT or ACT. These scores are needed by colleges with fall application deadlines.
  5. Parents of students who are credit deficient are notified after final grades at the end of the junior year.

Summer Checklist

  1. Review your transcripts. Meet with your counselor in August if needed.
  2. Visit college campuses and other programs on your “short list.” What you see and learn on these trips will be invaluable.
  3. Begin to record thoughts for college application essays.
  4. Do community service for Honors Diploma.

Senior Calendar

Fall Checklist

  1. Set up a Senior Interview with your counselor as soon as you arrive back at school.
  2. Complete applications for College Entrance Testing (SAT 1, SAT II, ACT) in Sept. or Oct.
  3. Attend “After North” meeting in September.
  4. Attend Financial Aid Meeting in December to explore college financial assistance options.
  5. College representatives come to North. College Fair at LCC is held in October. Attend the OUS visit in October.
  6. Review instructions and begin writing rough drafts of essays.
  7. Request recommendations from teachers, employers and/or guidance counselors.
  8. File early action/early decision applications.
  9. Order grad announcements, cap, gown, etc.

Winter Checklist

  1. Order grad announcements, cap, gown, etc.
  2. Finalize application essays and complete admission procedures.
  3. Fill out the FAFSA. Submit application January 1-31. Parents: Prepare IRS tax returns early to determine eligibility.

Spring Checklist

  1. OSAC Scholarship app. due March 1.
  2. Request final transcripts by May.
  3. Submit college acceptance information to Counseling Department by May.
  4. Highlander CAM completion deadline is in May.
  5. Pick up graduation tickets in early June.
  6. Forward medical forms to schools requiring a physical exam as a condition of admission.
  7. Pick your college, send in a deposit, and notify other colleges of your decision.
  8. Request course descriptions and schedules from your college of choice. Confirm housing arrangements.