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North Eugene Preschool

A supervised learning center for
preschool and high school students.

For more information or to enroll a student contact:

The NEHS preschool operates September through June, five days a week.

NEHS students are involved in a series of classes that teach child development theory and guidance skills. Students reflect on the responsibilities and issues for families, communities, and professionals who work with children.

The overall goal for the preschool child is that of a positive social situation in which the child can grow and learn. Some preparatory reading and writing skills are taught (numbers, sizes, shapes, colors). The emphasis is on the child’s emotional, social, mental, and physical growth within a semi-structured situation.

The preschool children follow a daily routine to provide the children with a sense of consistency and security. Each day there is a science project, outdoor play, art, music, circle time, books, and snack.

There is also free time to explore centers that include puzzles, blocks, dramatic play, water, sensory tables, easels, quiet games, books, art, and wood working.

The center provides an environment that will challenge the preschool child to expand his/her horizons.